What to Expect With a Roofing Replacement

What to Expect With a Roofing Replacement

The following information is to help prepare you for the day of your roof install

The Day Before Install

  • If you have a lawn irrigation system, please turn off your water sprinkler. It’s much
    easier, and safer, if all of the roofer’s equipment stays dry.
  • The removal and loading of shingles may disrupt some items that are on/near your walls.
    Coale-Rice Roofing, Inc. advises homeowners to consider removing any items, pictures
    or furniture hanging/near the interior walls. With all of the bumping and thumping
    occurring from the roofing process overhead, we would not want anything inside of the
    residence to be harmed.
  • Make arrangements for any/all pets to stay inside on the day of the install.
  • Please prepare your family. It is best practice for anyone inside of the home at the
    beginning of the roofing process to remain inside. If this is not possible, please be advise
    them to keep a safe distance from our hardworking crew members, to avoid any/all
    equipment, and for them to be aware of their surroundings.
  • Outside plants, patio furniture and appurtenant structures should be relocated or covered.

The Day of Install

To be fully prepared the following information is paramount:

Cars: Please move any/all vehicle(s) from the driveway the night before your roofing
project is planned to begin, or no later than 7:00 AM on the day your roofing
project is to begin.

Garden: Take a peek into the garden and move what you can. This might
include (but is not limited to) solar-powered lights, statues, stepping-stones,
potted plants, water fountains, wind chimes, birdhouses, and bird feeders.
Drop cloths may be used to cover flower beds. Plywood or OSB can be placed
over flower beds using sawhorses, if you would like to completely protect
your flower beds from any impact or debris.

Unlock your gates: Your roofing professionals will need to have access to the
entire perimeter (or as much as physically possible) of your house in order to
do their job properly, so you’ll need to unlock any/all gates for them.

Talk to your neighbors: While you’re outside preparing, take the time to talk
to your neighbors, especially your direct neighbors, about your roof
replacement. If you warn them ahead of time about the noise, disturbance, and the possibility of a shingle or nail flying into their yard, they will be a lot
more co-operative the day of your roof replacement. Also, ask them if they
would unlock their gates for the roofing team. If they do, then a roofer can
grab any stray shingles they spot in the neighbor’s yard. Further, if their
property is very close, they may also want to cover their plants, and the
roofers may need to board up their windows. If you happen to share a
driveway, your neighbor will need to park their car on the street too.

Loud noise: Conference calls and regular phone conversations may be impaired from all of the
roofing noise that is taking place above your head.

Family: Remind all of your family to be extremely careful entering and exiting your home.

Pool: If you have a swimming pool, the cleaner needs to be turned off and the pool should be
covered. Coale-Rice Roofing, Inc. will cover the pool with OSB sheets. (if applicable)

Wood shingles: If you have a wood shake or wood shingle that is being removed, Coale-Rice Roofing, Inc. recommends covering items with plastic sheeting in the attic and in the garage. (if applicable)

Satellite Dish: After your roof replacement is completed, contact you’re your satellite dish company and request that they reinstall your satellite dish. (if applicable)

What You Can Expect from Us

Arrival: The supervisor, project manager, owner, manager or lead installer should notify you that they have arrived. This is the best time to ask any new/additional questions that you might have and to voice any concerns.

HVAC: The outside HVAC condenser may need to be covered to protect from falling debris.

Outside furniture: If you need any assistance with moving furniture or plants from the roofing crew, please feel free to ask the crew members before they begin working on the roof.

Gutters: Gutters and downspouts are to be cleaned by Coale-Rice Roofing, Inc.

Magnetic Sweep: A magnetic sweeper will be used to remove nails from the lawn. The best design of these tools is when they are mounted on wheels that are able to be rolled over the lawn. A 24″ magnetized steel bar is rolled back and forth on your lawn to remove nails that have been displaced.