Roof Coatings


Roof Coatings by Coale Roofing: Protect, Enhance, and Preserve

Coale Roofing, a name synonymous with trust and excellence in the greater Houston, TX area, has been setting the bar high in roofing solutions since 1927. As Charles Lindberg made his historic flight to Paris, we embarked on our journey to provide unparalleled roofing services. Our expertise in roof coatings ensures that homes and businesses not only have roofs over their heads but roofs that last, protect, and enhance the beauty of the structures they cover.

Deep Dive into Roof Coatings

Roof coatings are a protective layer applied to extend the life of your roof, offering numerous benefits:


They shield the roof from harmful UV rays, reducing wear and tear.

Energy Efficiency

Reflective coatings can repel heat, reducing cooling costs.

Leak Prevention

A well-applied coating can seal cracks and prevent water intrusion.

Aesthetic Enhancement

Available in various colors, they can uplift the appearance of your roof.

Why Opt for Roof Coatings?


Extends the life of your roof, delaying expensive replacements.


Reduces the need for roof replacements, minimizing waste.


Suitable for various roofing materials, from metal to asphalt and more.

Easy Application

Can be applied without major disruptions.

UV Protection:

Shields the roof from harmful ultraviolet rays.

20 FAQs on Roof Coatings

Typically, 10-15 years with proper maintenance.

Most roofs can, but it’s essential to consult with experts like Coale Roofing.

It’s either sprayed or rolled on, depending on the product and roof type.

Roof coatings are lightweight and don’t add significant weight.

Depending on the roof size, a few days to a week.

Yes, after proper cleaning and preparation.

Reflective coatings can significantly reduce cooling costs.

Ideally during dry, moderate temperature periods.

Yes, from clear to various shades.

Many coatings are low-VOC and eco-friendly.

It’s best to check the forecast; some coatings need several hours to cure.

Yes, coatings are suitable for both flat and sloped roofs.

Many coatings have mold and algae-resistant properties.

Some coatings offer fire-resistant properties.

It can extend the warranty, but it’s essential to check with the original roofer or manufacturer.

While it can seal minor cracks, significant damages should be repaired before coating.

Regular cleaning and inspections ensure longevity.

In many cases, yes, as it extends the roof’s life.

Roof coatings are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, making them ideal for Houston.

For best results and warranty validity, professional application is recommended.

The Greater Houston Community & Benefits

Houston, a vibrant city that never sleeps, offers a myriad of benefits:

Why Coale Roofing?

Our legacy in the greater Houston area is built on trust, quality, and a commitment to community welfare. With Coale Roofing, you’re not just getting a service; you’re becoming part of a tradition that values excellence and community above all. Choose Coale Roofing for your roof coating needs and ensure your property is protected, enhanced, and preserved for years to come.