Metal Roofing


Metal Roofing by Coale Roofing: The Fusion of Durability and Elegance

For nearly a century, Coale Roofing has been the embodiment of trust, craftsmanship, and innovation in the greater Houston, TX area. Our journey, which began in the historic year of 1927 when Lindberg made his iconic flight to Paris, has been marked by our commitment to providing top-tier roofing solutions. Our expertise in metal roofing, especially the distinguished standing seam metal roofs, has made us a household name in both residential and commercial sectors.

Deep Dive into Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is not just about durability; it’s about bringing an aesthetic appeal that complements the robustness. Here’s what makes metal roofing special:


Metal roofs can last 40-70 years, depending on the material


Capable of withstanding wind gusts up to 140 miles per hour.


Metal roofs won't ignite into flames during a wildfire or lightning strike.

Energy Efficiency

Reflective surfaces lead to a 10-25% reduction in cooling costs.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Standing seam metal roofs are the pinnacle of metal roofing, offering a sleek design combined with unparalleled functionality. The raised seams, from which it gets its name, ensures added protection against the elements.

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Design Versatility

Available in a plethora of colors and designs to match every architectural style.

Metal Roofing Coale

Enhanced Durability

The concealed fasteners and raised seams reduce the risk of leaks.

Thermal Movement

These roofs are designed to accommodate the expansion and contraction of metal, ensuring longevity.

Low Maintenance

Requires minimal upkeep, making it a favorite among homeowners and businesses alike.

20 FAQs on Roof Coatings

Typically, 40-70 years depending on the material and maintenance.

With proper insulation, it’s no noisier than other roofing materials.

It’s designed to withstand high winds, hail, and even wildfires.

Modern metal roofs are treated to be rust-resistant.

While possible, it’s best to consult with experts like Coale Roofing.

Yes, it can significantly reduce cooling costs.

Their reflective properties make them ideal for hot climates like Houston.

Absolutely, they’re often made from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable.

Standing seam roofs have raised interlocking seams, while corrugated ones have a wavy

Regular inspections and cleaning are sufficient for most metal roofs.

Yes, but with caution and soft-soled shoes.

They’re installed in large panels or sheets, fastened securely to the roof deck.

Surprisingly, they’re lighter than asphalt shingles and concrete tiles.

Yes, and it’s often of higher quality than from other roof types.

No, and they’re non-combustible, adding an extra layer of safety.

Initial costs are higher, but the longevity and low maintenance often make it more cost-effective
in the long run.

Yes, and they’re often easier to install on metal roofs.

A wide range, from natural metal finishes to virtually any color.

While they reflect heat, additional insulation is recommended for temperature regulation.

Yes, including matte, shiny, and granular.

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Nestled in the heart of Texas, Houston is a city of dreams, opportunities, and vibrant community life:

Why Coale Roofing?

Our legacy, built over decades, stands as a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and community welfare. With Coale Roofing, you’re not just choosing a service; you’re becoming part of a tradition that values excellence and community above all. Choose Coale Roofing for your metal roofing needs and let your property shine with durability and elegance.