Flat Roofs


Flat Roofing by Coale Roofing: Embracing Modernity with Tradition

Coale Roofing, a beacon of trust and craftsmanship in the greater Houston, TX area, has been setting the gold standard in roofing since 1927. From the time Charles Lindberg soared across the skies to Paris, we’ve been ensuring homes and businesses in Houston have roofs that stand the test of time. Our expertise in flat roofing, especially in TPO and modified bitumen, has made us the go-to choice for both residential and commercial properties.

Deep Dive into Flat Roofing

Flat roofs, characterized by minimal slopes, are a modern architectural favorite. Their practicality, combined with aesthetic versatility, makes them a preferred choice for many urban structures.

TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin)

TPO roofing systems combine the durability of rubber with hot-air weldable seams for a watertight finish. Key features include:

Energy Efficiency

TPO's reflective surface repels UV rays, helping in reducing cooling costs.


Resistant to tears, punctures, and impact damage.

Environmentally Friendly

Made of recyclable materials and reduces the urban heat island effect.

Modified Bitumen

A successor to the built-up roof method, modified bitumen combines asphalt with modifiers and reinforcement fibers. Its strengths include:


Even in low temperatures, it remains pliable.

Tear Resistance

Its layered structure provides added strength.


Its seamless nature ensures superior waterproofing capabilities.

Why Opt for Flat Roofing?

The allure of slate roofing is multifaceted:

Space Utilization

Flat roofs can be used for recreational purposes or even green roofing.


Generally, flat roofs are more affordable to install and maintain.

Modern Aesthetic

Offers a sleek, contemporary look to structures.


Easier to inspect and maintain due to its flat nature.


Suitable for both residential and commercial buildings.

20 FAQs on Flat Roofing:

With proper maintenance, 20-25 years.

Yes, proper drainage systems are essential to prevent water accumulation.

TPO is a type of single-ply membrane, while modified bitumen is an asphalt-based roofing

Especially with TPO, the reflective surface can reduce cooling costs.

At least twice a year and after major storms.

Yes, they’re ideal for solar panel installations.

With proper installation and maintenance, leaks can be effectively prevented.

Snow can accumulate, so regular removal and proper insulation are crucial.

Yes, but with caution and not frequently to avoid damage.

Costs can vary, but TPO might be more cost-effective in some cases.

Through roof vents, scuppers, or mechanical ventilation systems.

With proper reinforcement and waterproofing, yes.

Absolutely, it aids in energy efficiency and moisture control.

They require regular inspections but not necessarily more maintenance.

Through internal drains, gutters, and scuppers.

With proper installation and materials, they can withstand high winds.

It’s possible but requires significant structural changes.

Silicone or acrylic coatings are popular choices.

Depending on size and complexity, a few days to a couple of weeks.

Most manufacturers and installers offer warranties.

The Greater Houston Community & Benefits

Houston, a city that seamlessly blends southern charm with urban dynamism, offers a plethora of benefits:

Why Coale Roofing?

Our legacy in the greater Houston area is a testament to our commitment to excellence. With Coale Roofing, you’re not just opting for a service; you’re embracing a tradition that values quality, integrity, and community. Choose Coale Roofing, and let your property stand tall with the unmatched durability and elegance of flat roofing.