Does the roof system in your commercial building requiring replacement or repairs? If you need a dependable commercial roofer with significant experience and thorough training, you can rely Coale Roofing or Rice Roofers. A family-owned Houston business that serves local businesses. Our roofers have a wide range of expertise working with different roofing types, so we can effectively help you with anything from roofing installations to roof coatings! We carry different commercial roofing systems, TPO, along with a wide selection of other materials.

Commercial Roof Inspections

Commercial Roof Inspections

The expense to maintain a commercial roof is much less than the cost to replace it. Neglect can result in added expenses if leaks cause structural damage, inventory or equipment damage, or financial loss due to operational downtime. Lack of maintenance is one of the biggest causes of premature roof failure, ranking right up there with misuse and abuse, faulty workmanship and improper design.

The best time to adopt a maintenance plan is right after the installation of the new membrane but older roofs will also benefit. A good maintenance plan starts with a comprehensive evaluation of the membrane’s current condition. Request a written report that includes a detailed survey of known problems, potential issues, recommendations and a cost estimate for repairs.

A professional evaluation should include a visual inspection of the membrane’s surface, seams, fasteners and flashing. An infrared thermography survey can locate tiny penetrations that aren’t visible to the naked eye. The inspector will look for voids or signs of deterioration in sealants around coping joints, coping ends and penetrations such as skylights and rooftop units. He’ll also be looking for inadequate or blocked drainage, ponding water and the condition of roof/wall tie-ins and parapets.

Commercial Roof Repair and Replacement

Let Coale Roofing or Rice Roofers check and repair sealants, seams and fasteners as necessary. Because certain products, like roofing cement, are not compatible with all commercial roofs, avoid do-it-yourself fixes, which can cause more damage. We we know that inspecting, repairing and maintaining your commercial roof can be a daunting task for the typical facility manager. No matter what your roofing needs are – Coale Roofing or Rice Roofers has the answer. We’ve earned the reputation as being the most trusted and respected roofing company in Houston because we provide our customers with the highest level of professional workmanship and service.

There are many varying commercial roof styles to pick from, including shingles, metal, and flat roof membranes. Our contractors are experts in commercial roofing, so if you require a repair, a replacement, or anything in between, we can help!

Commercial Roof Repair and Replacement

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