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Coale Roofing since 1927

Quality and professionalism are what Coale Roofing and Distributing Co. stood for when they began their roofing company in Houston in 1927. Coale Roofing continues to carry on the legacy of Bob Coale, Sr. to this day. Coale Roofing is one of the oldest roofing companies in Houston and serves the Tanglewood, River Oaks, and Memorial areas of Houston.

For the oldest roofing company in Houston, good business has been about family from the beginning. While we have merged, expanded and reincorporated over the years, we always kept ties to the memories and relationships built by both workers and customers throughout the decades.
It all started with Coale Roofing, established in 1927 by Robert Coale. Robert Sr.

It’s close to a century since Coale Roofing first put down shingles in Houston. But in the end, it’s not about counting the years, it’s about when quality counts. Consistent quality satisfaction is the goal, whether you’re calling for the first time or your 3rd time client. We look forward to covering your needs, now and in the future, always with an eye to the tradition of excellence established by the past.

Coale Roofing Family

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Our Team

John Stroman, a native Houstonian, went to Sharpstown High School and played football at Rice University. One summer, his Aunt called him and told him she had a leak in her roof. John went over and fixed the leak. That summer the leaky roof led to John being called by neighbors asking him to fix and replace their roofs. While attending Rice University, he climbed on many roofs around Houston.

While John was fixing roofs, he was also working at the Kinkaid School, which is where he met Bob Coale, Jr. and they began a friendship. In 1990, Bob and John worked out a contract for another roofing company to purchase Coale Roofing. It was 5 years later when John actually finalized the purchase with Bob Jr, and they worked together for 22 years.

What made this a perfect match is that Coale Roofing specializes in River Oaks, Tanglewood, and Memorial, and the other roofing company works in Bellaire, West University, and Braes Heights. These two companies lived well together under one roof.

Jose and Cesar Alvarez, owners of Rain Proof Roofing, recently met John Stroman, who was looking to sell both businesses. Jose and Cesar are now the proud owners of Coale Roofing.

Because of the history of both companies, they will keep the companies separate, just as John has done for the past 25 years. They are so happy that John will be staying on to help them, just as Bob did for John. Coale Roofing loves all their customers and know that although this story has taken a winding road, they will continue to offer the same great customer service and high-quality materials.

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Coale Roofing Team

Members of Our Family

Our family is run and worked with the help of three awesome roofing companies. Cesar Alvarez is the owner and with his leadership and experience in roofing and customer service, he has combined forces with all three of the companies. 

He is bringing the quality work and customer satisfaction of RainProof Roofing, the longevity, knowledge, and experience of Coale Roofing, and the craftmanship, friendliness, and hard-working mentality of Rice Roofers all together to form one family of roofers for the benefit of all their customers. Not only does he take the name of the companies he brings over many of the workers, owners, and members of their families to help maintain the best company with the most knowledge and experience in their local areas.

Cesar Alvarez Coale

Cesar Alvarez

Cesar Alvarez moved to Houston in 2009 and opened his own roofing company, focusing on quality and integrity, where he has accumulated hundreds of recommendations from satisfied customers. His priority is always getting the job done right and on time for his customer’s peace of mind. He is part of the Roofing Contractor’s Association of Texas and Houston’s Association of Roofing Contractors.

Joseph Alvarez Coale

Joseph Alvarez

Joseph Alvarez started working in the roofing industry at 15 years old picking up roof debris during roof replacements in the summer for his father’s company. He went off to college after graduating from Lamar High School and came back every summer to work in roof sales. He graduated from Texas Tech University with a bachelor’s degree in both Finance and Accounting and settled back in Houston to start working full time in sales and overseeing production. He has overseen challenging projects ranging from one story residential to ten story commercial buildings.

Juan Alvarez Coale

Juan Alvarez

Juan Alvarez, our Project Estimator, was born in Guatemala and is Cesar’s oldest son. Juan grew up in El Paso, Texas and graduated from Franklin High School. He moved to Houston in 2010 and worked in the restaurant business managing several restaurants. In 2020, Juan joined his father and brother to help manage all onsite installations and repairs, and to help build positive relationships with our customers.

John Stroman Coale

John Stroman

Rice Roofers was founded in 1979 by John Stroman, a native Houstonian born and raised in the city. John received a full athletics football scholarship at Rice University and graduated in May 1979. John and his brothers put a roof on their Aunt Judy’s house in the summer of 1979. The excellent work done by John and his siblings was noted by Aunt Judy’s neighbors, resulting in a snowball effect that led to the formation of Rice Roofers.

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